Scientific name, source of material, availability, taxonomic affiliation, and (as far as available) graphical schemes of chromosomal shape as well as up to 5 voucher photographs of the definitely determined accessions are shown.

The taxonomic affiliation follows the proposal of Friesen et al. (Aliso 22: 372-395, 2006, accepting 15 subgenera and 56 sections, with Caloscordum, Milula, and Nectaroscordum included under Allium) and assigns the species according to the "Nomenclator Alliorum" (Gregory, M., et al., Kew, 1998). Taxa of subg. Melanocrommyum were arranged as proposed by Fritsch et al. (Phyton [Horn] 49: 145-220, 2010, accepting 20 sections and 22 subsections). G. Terpe, H. Ernst, B. Schäfer, C. Koch, and R.M. Fritsch contributed the photographs and graphs which were edited by B. Sperling, B. Wedemeier, and R.M. Fritsch. Layout of the database was designed and the text modules were edited by B. Claus, C. Koch, S. Weise and R.M. Fritsch.

No data, pictures, and graphs may be copied and used in any form without the prior permission of the copyright owners. This database does not offer plants for sale. Seed of the accessions shown is also not available via the seed exchange between Botanical Gardens.

Allium accessions of the IPK genebank