#RESTful Service: Passport Data

This service provides passport data for barley accessions for the BRIDGE project.

baseURI: http://apex.ipk-gatersleben.de/apex/limsophy/BRIDGE/PASSPORT/[RESOURCE]
version: v0.1_20161205

Resource: /LIST

From this resource you will get a list of all current available passport data for accessions in the BRIDGE project.
The obtained data file is compliant to the MCPD v2.0 standard.
For detailed parameter description see the Data Descriptor in the section below.


The resource is accessable by use of HTTP GET methode (see example), URI in browser, or by clicking the resource in the headline of this section.

Example: GET "http://apex.ipk-gatersleben.de/apex/limsophy/BRIDGE/PASSPORT/LIST"



HTTP Status Codes

Status Code Description
200 ok
404 page not found
401 not authorized