The Crop EST Database (CR-EST) is a public available online resource providing access to sequence, classification, clustering, and annotation data of crop EST projects at the IPK. A view of these information give the summarized numbers about genomic data of species listed in the adjacent table. This web application allows to BLAST against CR-EST ESTs and to query and retrieve data from Gene Ontology and metabolic pathway annotations as well as sequence similarities from stored results of BLASTX searches against the NRPEP database. CR-EST also features interactive JAVA-based tools, such as open reading frame visualization and explorative analysis of Gene Ontology mappings to ESTs. The development of CR-EST is a collaboration project of the IPK bioinformatics research groups Bioinformatics (BI) and Plant Data Warehouse (PDW) within the Bioinformatics Center Gatersleben-Halle (BIC-GH).


SpeciescDNA sequencesESTsEST BLASTXConsensus sequencesConsensus BLASTXSpecies statics
1 Hordeum vulgare - barley 37 206,640 197,021 40,280 39,582
2 Pisum sativum - pea 2 9,377 8,238 2,110 2,019
3 Solanum tuberosum - potato 5 6,833 6,003 1,506 1,432