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This table displays detailed information about the cDNA library HP .


AuthorAndreas Graner, Hangning Zhang, Nils Stein, Winfriede Weschke, Wolfgang Michalek
DescriptionDue to a cloning artefact caused by the kit, in most cases the EcoRI site is NOT present, as well as the EcoRI adapter used for cloning. To excise the insert, restriction sites upstream EcoRI should be used (e.g. BamHI, SalI, PstI). NOTE: Also due to the cloning system used Blue/white selection for recombinats is not 100% reliable. Average insert size is 850 bp
Entry date01-JAN-2002
Laboratory hostXL10_Gold
Number of plates56
Plate size384
Restriction site IEcoRI (5'-end of cDNA)
Restriction site IIXhoI (3'-end of cDNA)
Tissueepidermis (seedlings grown in greenhouse for 6 days, lower leaf epidermis removed and stored in liquid nitrogen.
VectorpBluescript SK+


3,730Number of ESTs
3,109Number of clones
103Minimum EST length
700Maximum EST length
486Average EST length
7233´ ESTs
3,0075´ ESTs

Clones/EST ratio

EST direction ratio

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