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This table displays detailed information about the cDNA library GD .


AuthorHeike Nierig, Karl-Heinz Kogel, Patrick Schaefer, Sophia Biemelt, Uwe Sonnewald
CultivarIngrid MLG
DescriptionPolyA-RNA was isolated from leaf epidermis and used to create a cDNA-library using the Time Saver cDNA-Synthesis Kit (Amersham). (GABI-Agrotech Project)
Entry date01-MAR-2002
LaboratoryMPP, MEP, IPK; IPAZ (Institute of Phytopathology and Applied Zoology, University Giessen)
Laboratory hostXL1-Blue
Number of plates9
Plate size384
Restriction site IEcoRI /NotI (GAATTCGCGGCCGC)
Restriction site IIEcoRI /NotI (GAATTCGCGGCCGC)
Tissueleaf epidermis; seedlings were grown at 18 degr. C, 60 % rel. humidity, and a photoperiod of 16 h (100 microE * s-1 * m-2). A. 8 days, seedl. were inoculated with Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici. Leaf epid. was harv. 3, 6, 10, 18, 24, 48 hpi
VectorpBluescript (Stratagene)


78Number of ESTs
78Number of clones
101Minimum EST length
612Maximum EST length
313Average EST length
783´ ESTs
05´ ESTs

Clones/EST ratio

EST direction ratio

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