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This table displays detailed information about the cDNA library GCA .


AuthorAngelika Felk, Joe-Emen Ekanem, Simon Henning, Sophia Biemelt, Uwe Sonnewald, Wilhelm Schaefer
CultivarChevron (resistent cultivar)
DescriptionEach second spikelet of barley was infected with Fusarium graminearum (strain FG2311, isolated from wheat, 1992, Hohenheim, Germany) by means of micropipette using 5 µl of conidia suspension (500 conidia /µl). The infected plants were incubated 4d by 16 h light and 20°C and infected spikes were incubated the first 48 h by 100% rel. humidity for establishing of infection. PolyA-RNA was isolated from infected spikes and used to create a cDNA-library using the "Creator Lambda TriplEx2¿ libraries Kit"(BD Biosciences). CDNA Fragments were inserted into the vector pLambda-TripleEx2. Subsequently, plasmids were obtained by in vivo excision according to manufacturers instruction. (GABI-Agrotech Project)
Entry date01-JUL-2004
LaboratoryInstitut für Allgemeine Botanik, Uni HamburgMPP, MEP, IPK; Institut für Phytopathologie und Angewandte Zoologie, Universität Gießen
Laboratory hostE. coli BM25.8
Number of plates0
Plate size384
Restriction site ISfiIA (GGCCATTATGGCC)
Restriction site IISfiIB (GGCCGCCTCGGCC)
Tissuewith Fusarium graminearum infected spikelets
VectorpTriplEx2 (BD Biosciences)


1,286Number of ESTs
1,286Number of clones
100Minimum EST length
700Maximum EST length
370Average EST length
03´ ESTs
1,2865´ ESTs

Clones/EST ratio

EST direction ratio

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