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This table displays detailed information about the cDNA library GCW .


AuthorCarin Jansen, Heike Nierig, Karl-Heinz Kogel, Sophia Biemelt, Uwe Sonnewald
CultivarCarola , highly susceptible
DescriptionPolyA-RNA was isolated from water treated roots and used to create a cDNA-library by means of the SMART cDNA library construction Kit (CLONTECH). CDNA Fragments were inserted into the vector Lambda TripleEx Sfi I. Subsequently, plasmids were obtained by in vivo excision according to manufacturer's instruction. (GABI-Agrotech Project)
Entry date01-OCT-2002
LaboratoryMPP, MEP, IPK; IPAZ (Institute of Phytopathology and Applied Zoology, University Giessen)
Laboratory hostE. coli BM25.8
Number of plates12
Plate size384
Restriction site ISfi IA
Restriction site IISfi IB
Tissueroots, Seedlings were grown in a mixture of SERAMIS and OIL DRI soil at 20 degree C, 16h light and 50-60% rel. humidity for 7 days, Roots were harvested 6, 24, 48, 72, and 96 hpi (hours post inoculation) with Fusarium culmorum KF 350


1,138Number of ESTs
1,138Number of clones
100Minimum EST length
700Maximum EST length
374Average EST length
03´ ESTs
1,1385´ ESTs

Clones/EST ratio

EST direction ratio

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