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AuthorAngelika Felk, Heike Nierig, Sophia Biemelt, Uwe Sonnewald, Wilhelm Schaefer
CultivarChevron (resistent cultivar)
DescriptionEach second spikelet of barley was infected with Fusarium graminearum (strain FG2311, isolated from wheat, 1992, Hohenheim, Germany) by means of micropipette using 5 µl of conidia suspension (500 conidia /µl). The infected plants were incubated 4d by 16 h light and 20°C and infected spikes were incubated the first 48 h by 100% rel. humidity for establishing of infection. PolyA-RNA was isolated from barley spikelets and used to create a cDNA-library by means of the "SMART cDNA library construction Kit" (CLONTECH). Normalisation was performed essentially as described by Ko (1990, Nucl. Acid Res. 16, 9877) with some modification of Kohchi et al. (1995, Plant J. 8, 771-776). Normalised cDNAs were digested with NotI and cloned into NotI digested pCRblunt vector. (GABI-Agrotech Project)
Entry date01-FEB-2004
LaboratoryMPP, MEP, IPK; Institut für Allgemeine Botanik, Uni Hamburg
Laboratory hostE. coli XL1-blue
Number of plates0
Plate size384
Restriction site INotI (GCGGCCGC)
Restriction site IINotI (GCGGCCGC)
Tissuewith Fusarium graminearum infected spikelets
VectorpCR-blunt (Invitrogen)


1,486Number of ESTs
1,486Number of clones
120Minimum EST length
700Maximum EST length
580Average EST length
1,4863´ ESTs
05´ ESTs

Clones/EST ratio

EST direction ratio

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